Trident Refractory Specialist and their demolition crew, were sent to PPC Port Elizabeth, to demolish the 10m coating,5m bricks from the 8-18m area and 1.5m castables from the port area of PPC Kiln. Trident had a deadline of 2 days in which to complete the job.

Ashley James says “He is happy that Trident’s demolishing crew were able to successfully complete the demolition work with the set deadlines in place”. Trident use’s these machines with the intention of utilising them in various industries around Southern Africa and Africa mainly for Demolition of Cement & Lime Kilns, Arc Furnaces and Industrial Processing Furnaces.

These robotic demolition machines are generated by electricity and are controlled by a cable or wireless remote control which makes them suitable for confined spaces putting the operator at a safe distance away from the area of demolishing.

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