Ashley James
Managing Director
Ashley founded the company from the beginning and is actively involved in the day to day running of the business, he is frequently found on most jobs interacting with teams driving them to excel in the core functions within the company. Ashley’s background in refractories stems back from his early 20’s having worked in most major processing plants across South Africa to date. Ashley’s main focus in the business is keeping up to date with the latest advancements in refractory equipment that help improve the efficiency of the demolition and installation contracts with particular focus on the cement and lime industries in South Africa. Ashley is frequently called upon for his vast knowledge he has in the Refractory industry.
Peter Smith
Site Contracts Manager
Peter Smith has been with the company for approximately 13 years since joining the company in 2006, since then he has moved up earning him the role of Site Contracts manager as well has his Qualification/Certification as a refractory API 936 Refractory Personnel. Peter is very passionate about his job and shows excellent managerial skills and works well under pressure. Peter has been primarily working in the Refining, Pulp & Paper and Cement Lime industries since 2006 and finds these industries as his strongholds.
Michael Hattingh
Demolition Manager / Coordinator
Michael Joined the company 8 years ago as the Junior HSE officer, he took the company through great strengths of NOSA Certified with 4 stars as well as implementing the ISO9001 Certification program in which the company is currently working on. However Michael took a liking to the Demolition Contracts and came across to the Contracting side where he leads an exceptional Demolition Crew. Michael was awarded the position as Trident’s Demolition Coordinator/Manager Michael enforces a safe work environment and ensures his crew has a proper skill set and highly trained in our specialized equipment to perform the work. Michael takes all projects personal by ensuring safety, quality, professionalism, and maintaining the project schedule.
Robert Hall
Robert Hall has been with the company for 8 years and has proven himself and taken a particular liking to bricking in the rotary Kilns which has afforded him being a strong player in this aspect. He leads by example, always doing his best and encouraging others to do the same. Robert has experienced supervising large, complex and diverse shut down all over the country in Refining, Pulp & Paper and Cement Lime industries.Robert as well has his Qualification/Certification as a refractory API 936 Refractory Personnel. Robert fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale on any job he may be doing. His strong communication and client service skills enhance Tridents driven management philosophy.
Darryl James
Outsourced Project manger
Darryl is our outsourced project manager who may not be involved in day to day activities in the company but however plays an influential role in the technical decision making with Trident. Darryl predominantly works in major oil and gas and cement industries across Europe, Middle East and North America. His focus in the company is training the staff to achieve high standards of work quality, efficiency sharing his knowledge from previous projects as well as leading major Turnaround projects. Darryl is responsible for the project management on major shut downs including controlling budgets, negotiating subcontracts, and providing day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget. A team player, Darryl holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with engineers, resulting in a successful shutdown experiences.