Trident has been providing refractory solutions within the Cement and Lime industry for past 20 Years, which involves optimized refractory technology. Depending on the needs of the client relevant to the specific plant, Trident can perform services from regular maintenance to full shut down projects, together with our highly experienced team, we are able to offer any or all of the following services on-site:

  1. Refractory Demotion,
  2. Refractory Installation,
  3. Reline Works with specialised bricking equipment,
  4. Shutdown/turnaround and break down project planning,
  5. Refractory Materials management,
  6. Material Supply
  7. Installation of refractory anchor systems,
  8. Manufacturing of precast shapes

Trident is able to offer their services specialised for each plant specifications. For this, we supply concepts and solutions that are matched perfectly to the clients needs.